Thursday, February 10, 2011

On marriage rights
Geralyn Wolf is halfway there
“I firmly support the traditional definition of marriage as the union between one male and one female,” Bishop Wolf said in a statement released to Rhode Island Catholic. “I believe that Holy Matrimony is a sacred religious rite, whose definition should not be re-interpreted by legislation or civil courts.”

“Legislators could honor the civil rights of all individuals by eliminating the term ‘marriage’ and substituting the term ‘civil unions.’ Religious organizations could then make their own decisions as regards to the recognition or non-recognition of these ‘unions’,” Bishop Wolf said in her statement.
Why get the state involved at all by having ‘civil unions’, which the illiberal left/so-libs want to use as a wedge to deny Bishop Tobin for example his rights?

The legislature and courts have no business defining marriage; leave it to the religions.

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