Monday, February 07, 2011

Ordinariate update: Archbishop Hepworth reacts to the ACA
Wonderful news: locally my acquaintance Bishop Moyer (at right) is the liaison between him and the part of the ACA going into the ordinariate so in some form my old friends, Good Shepherd, Rosemont, probably will do what I’ve long wished would happen: join the Roman Catholic Church and keep their relatively old-fashioned patrimony. (Once heard an Antiochian WRO priest preach there, biretta and all.) But I imagine many parishioners are of the American non-papal high-church school so they’ll go somewhere else (my other acquaintance Bishop Hewett’s church in Phoenixville? ... he was Fr Rutler’s curate at Rosemont about 35 years ago; Fr R’s old secretary there is now Greek Orthodox and still lives around here, and they’re still friends; I’ve met her and Fr R) and that Good Shepherd can’t keep the beautiful English Gothic building, which is sad but I defend all faiths’ (by definition including the Episcopalians) right to their properties. Seems the ordinariate-bound (Abp Hepworth) will just leave most of the rest of the ACA behind; no need to try to slap on penalties etc. Wish them well as they settle in with Fr Robert Hart’s Continuum. From Dr Tighe.

There’s this related story from England. S*cks but hey, they own the building.

Painting in Good Shepherd’s sacristy. Photo from here.

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