Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Re-enacting Sarum

One of the Masses – the pictures at the end – used the Sarum Use in Latin. An Episcopal conference of musicians and other scholars, modern high churchmen studying the past to get ideas for today and tomorrow. A nice thing to do in a real mediæval English Gothic or Gothic Revival church. Catholics have sometimes done this. Backstory: I think Douai in the late 1500s trained English underground priests to use St Pius V’s missal instead of the old local uses; some Catholic academics after emancipation in the 1800s were interested in a revival but the church decided not to, so you had the compromise of Pugin Gothic: the man loved the Middle Ages to say the least but built churches adapted for the Tridentine Mass, the then-current normal rules. It’s fine but, because it’s not a living tradition now (so 1800s parishioners wouldn’t and today’s trads don’t relate to it although as uses of the traditional Roman Rite it and the Tridentine are about 80% the same) while the Tridentine is in living memory, I don’t think it can be revived more than for a few demos but as you can see, in the right setting they’re great. From Derek.

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