Sunday, February 06, 2011

  • I didn’t understand the full story of the provisional Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family under Bishop Campese until Dr Tighe sent me this: the ACA has taken back its pledge to convert to Rome with the rest of TAC, into the (I hope) coming American ordinariate. Disappointing but not surprising given the American brand of Anglo-Catholicism, the Charles Grafton/Robert Hart school of non-papal, Prayer Book-orientated high churchmanship. (Why, besides rightly seeing the Novus Ordo like its 1979 semi-knockoff in their old church as hostile to a liturgical ethos they somewhat share with the Tridentine Mass, ex-Episcopalians started the Continuing churches instead of simply becoming Roman Catholics.) A religion I respect even though I think it’s a dead end. Very like what I was given to start with. Funny how something that introduced me to the Catholic faith and Novus Ordo-proofed me liturgically (see above about the old-school ethos) became for rather more people a destination for Modernists (if you want to be a woman priest, be divorced and remarried or be homosexual). But the latter comes from the true nature of the thing (everything in it’s subject to change), which I didn’t understand when I was a kid.
  • American Orthodoxy, the National Council of Churches and normal jurisdictional chaos.
  • Photo: under an Orthodox heaven. Chandelier, Holy Ghost Church, Phoenixville, Pa., by AMM.

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