Monday, February 14, 2011

Western Rite ROCOR: anything but RC and AC tradition in living memory
To be clear: the Saint Petroc usage (the Saint Colman Prayer Book) includes three forms of liturgy: a Sarum use (not the full cathedral Sarum rite but a Sarum use for missions), an English liturgy (primarily Sarum with a handful of items from the Non-Juror liturgy, Gothic, York... or following the wording of the 1549 BCP in a few instances), and the Gregorian rite (which is the Christminster/Mount Royal liturgy). The offices are Sarum based upon the Clewer translation. There is also a recension of the Lorrha-Stowe Missal which is to be included in the supplementary book (though I do not know if/when it will be approved to serve)...
I like the Antiochian way better: Tridentine Mass (often in Knott Missal English but it can be in Latin) and American Missal (US 1928 BCP meets the Tridentine Mass), only don’t give them Byzantine Rite-sounding names (Divine Liturgies of St Gregory – that’s like the proper name for Byzantine Presanctified – and of St Tikhon). (I often call it Mass whatever the rite but that’s not made up; still, thou shalt not mix rites in church.)

I understand the Mount Royal Benedictine Roman (Gregorian) Rite is, like the Dominican, a form of the traditional Roman Rite, like the Tridentine, but definitely not the Tridentine.

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