Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why people are gaga for Gaga
The woman who’s picked up Madonna’s mantle (as an ‘SNL’ skit made fun of). An O tempora article from FPR. I don’t overthink her – nice voice (better than Ke$ha whom I also like; the pretty Katy Perry sounds abrasive; Christina Aguilera is probably the best of the bunch – nice Super Bowl save; even the pros sometimes forget their lines, OK?), catchy songs (‘Bad Romance’ is one of the best recent dance songs but ‘Alejandro’, her version of the much better song ‘Like a Prayer’ and likewise trying to shock, is insipid music – it sounds like Ace of Base!); I don’t hate her – but this makes good points. Another way of looking at this is it’s a revival of barbarism, natural forces knocked off course by original sin and rebounding where grace is missing; the same forces Roissy writes about. The answer is not to deny those forces (Christians aren’t all repressed perverted hypocrites like the mainstream ex-Protestant media crows); egalitarianism of course is nonsense. Roissy’s point is women’s drives and fantasies point that out all the time (as mirrored in classic plays and films): they like to be strong but want their men stronger than them.

Back to listening to the gold mine of swing through early r&b to early rock.

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