Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Joshua
  • Did you catch that? The president of the United States is going to the UN to seek permission to attack a sovereign and independent country. Where is the Tea Party when you need it? Aren’t they the ones that carry the miniature-sized versions of the U.S. Constitution in their pockets? Attention Tea Partiers: Check out the section of the Constitution that requires the president to secure a formal declaration of war from Congress before he can wage war against a foreign regime. Let’s hear from you. This is no time for silence.
  • God bless the Fukushima Fifty. I understand the Russians had similar suicide-mission heroes at Chernobyl.
  • Save money: bring the soldiers home. Discharge all but those needed to defend us against the Mexicans and Canadians, and let the rest find gainful employment in the productive sector, if they even can after years of sucking from the government tit.
  • All heil Canadian ‘health’ care.
  • Viva Italia. Yes, hooray for the culture but while Italian unification was itself morally neutral, at the time it was the leftist anticlerical element vs the Papal States. You can argue that Italy like the late Yugoslavia is a made-up nation of similar but distinct and sometimes hostile countries even with related but different languages.
  • Prohibition was anti-Catholic.

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