Friday, March 11, 2011

From RR
  • Sometimes change is good: first new anti-lupus drug in 50 years.
  • No Child Left Behind-driven tests drive teachers to cheat.
  • Don’t like the St Patrick’s Parade? Then have your own! Fine. What I don’t get is how, besides the regular parade not liking either and exercising its right to turn them down, veterans for peace (of course a cause I like) and homosexuality are related. It’s like guilt by association or mission creep when groups supposedly started to express outrage over the priestly underage gay sex scandal – SNAP and Voice of the Faithful – ended up being Call to Action (AmChurch) under other names, mainline protestantised (except they don’t like high liturgics) old folks (including boomers – they lost their Catholic faith but are old enough to habitually go to church) who want the Roman Rite to drop clerical celibacy and allow priests to marry (the Orthodox don’t) and think by protest and vote they can make the church have women priests (of course women can be teachers; teachers have a worse track record of molesting kids than priests do, with the same coverups, but of course the anti-Catholic media won’t hear it) or teach homosex is OK. A real shame in this case because although of course I defend the gays’ right to have their own parade undisturbed, yoking these causes makes so-cons less likely to (to quote a song from a kind of pop culture I’m nothing to do with) ‘give peace a chance’. Counter-argument: libertarians are for peace and defend people’s right to be wrong so fine, they should march together.
  • W. Va.: food-tax cut.
  • LRC’s Walter Block: may a libertarian take money from the government?
  • The truth about guns in Mexico.
  • The Obama administration is now working with state attorney generals to rip off pension funds to bail out mortgage borrowers who don’t even need help.
  • What Iowa sees in Ron Paul.
  • AIPAC’s country, right or wrong.
  • Foreign entanglements.
  • Hooray for individual liberty and the right to travel: immigration doesn’t hurt native-born workers.

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