Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ineffectual churches and Romans 13
Conservative Protestant Chuck Baldwin:
I believe there are two main culprits: 1) the 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt corporation status taken by most churches, and 2) the erroneous Obey-The-Government-No-Matter-What interpretation of Romans chapter 13. These two monsters have all but destroyed real Holy Spirit-controlled, fearless, history-changing revolution-Christianity and turned it into this milquetoast religion we see today.
Reminds me of something LRC taught me: that before the late-’60s disaster, evangelicals and fundamentalists were apolitical and had a healthy distrust of the government (and as recently as 1936 the Southern Baptist Convention was anti-war; in WWI the mainliners were the hawks, wanting to knock down Catholic Europe); reacting to the cultural collapse made them want to turn to the government for law and order (Francis Schaeffer politicised the well-meaning Jerry Falwell into becoming a footnote in the ’80 election) and they started seeing the American military as knights defending Christendom (older evos/fundies had no such illusions about military life), whence you get much of conservatism today (but not the ones in charge; they’re using these people).

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