Thursday, March 10, 2011

On family vs state
Sailer quotes an NYT writer on Fukuyama

My ramble: interesting quandary for libertarians, whom many accuse of being selfish; it ain’t necessarily so. Even Sailer, who famously seems not to like ethnics from traditional Catholic cultures, whom he describes as clannish and low-trust, is ambivalent about those qualities, or at least he likes to use this natural tendency to stick together as a basis for what seems like racial collectivism (pushing the parts of the white race he likes vs the races he doesn’t: although his ‘on average’ theory works, explaining/predicting likely outcomes, taken in the wrong direction it’s both anti-individual liberty and arguably anti-Catholic). Northern European heretics created classical liberalism that teaches individual liberty. (As he’s written, how many Spanish-speaking countries have limited government?) Some of that went to seed and turned into the modern left (anti-liberty; state as substitute family and church). The palæos/trads would say that even classical liberalism is rotten to the core; I’m not convinced. Can you have it both ways? La famiglia and free choice? I like to think so.

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