Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patriarch of Constantinople excommunicates Vassula Ryden
The apostolic ministry in action. Disciplining someone like that is a last resort. The Catholic Church east or west isn’t a cult; it doesn’t micromanage the laity (unlike some well-meant trad groups). A heretic/excommunicate 1) is in a position to know better, 2) has a big following and 3) has been warned. So your Aunt Clara the Bad Catholic with wrong opinions won’t be sentenced by the Pope or her nominal bishop. This born Greek Orthodox apparently has made up her own Christianish New Agey faith and has got attention from some well-meaning charismatic Roman Catholics (nice miracle-minded folk, low-church but not theologically liberal, thirsty for the supernatural). A largish following, which is the difference here between a garden-variety Bad Greek Orthodox who reads her horoscope for example and a threat to the flock.

BTW C’ople’s not the Orthodox Pope: it probably fell to him because she’s an ethnic Greek who doesn’t live in Greece (which is not really under C’ople but independent under the Archbishop of Athens).

Money quote off the ’Net: Be careful when it comes to mysticism: it can convey both a lot of mist and a lot of schism.

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