Sunday, March 13, 2011

RIP Metropolitan Nicholas (Fr Richard Smisko)
He died of cancer today. Recently through some occasional online hangout I saw his 75th-birthday photos and thought he looked not long for this world. In his church’s photo album I like these (they don’t share photos):
I didn’t know him but he seemed like a very nice man, your typical socially conservative but apolitical, kindly Ruthenian (Carpatho-Russian) priest. (‘Up home’ in Pennsylvania, по-нашему parish life is like Roman Catholics around 1962, not a fanatical cult.) There’s so much right about the one with Savalas: ethnic, old-school, happy and not viciously anti-Roman. And it has hats.

He was a born Greek Catholic whose parents switched when he was a toddler, the story of his church’s founding: driven out for no good reason, nothing to do with theology but because the local Irish didn’t want the Ruthenians around with their married priests (the Greek Rite ordains the married but does not marry the ordained) and owning parish property as a hedge against the same local Irish.

Вечная память: eternal memory.

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