Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rod Dreher’s latest convert testimonial
Worth a fisk. I usually don’t read these things but Dr Tighe sent it to me. Lost track of Rod Dreher after he went corporate and stopped blogging.
It had been my assumption that my theological convictions would protect the core of my faith through any trial, but the knowledge I struggled with wore down my ability to believe in the ecclesial truth claims of the Roman church.
I don’t see how Rome’s defined doctrine on the scope of the Pope has anything to do with a priestly underage gay sex scandal in which bishops and priests didn’t live up to other doctrine (sounds more like a jibe from the left than a conservative lament); not as scandalous as claiming you can rewrite doctrine to suit you like many Protestants think.
It seemed to me a rock of stability in a turbulent sea of relativism and modernism overtaking Western Christianity. And while the Roman church threw out so much of its artistic and liturgical heritage in the violence of the Second Vatican Council, the Orthodox still held on to theirs.
Sorta and yes. There’s the widespread sellout on contraception so Pope 1, everybody else nil. But yes on the liturgy. Orthodoxy at its best is an un-self-conscious traditionalism. As I like to say, underneath the mystical rhetoric it’s like parish life around 1962, not a cult.
Here’s the problem: there is very little orthodoxy in the U.S. Catholic Church, and at the parish level, almost no recognition that there is a such thing as “right belief.”
Yup and Dreher nails it in this ’graph. It’s mainline moralistic therapeutic deism with some window-dressing orthodox positions like on abortion thanks to Big Papa and some leftover ethnic devotions. (Greek Catholic is like high Novus Ordo.)
For a Catholic wearied by the culture wars raging inside American Catholicism, it is blessed relief to find that in Orthodoxy, there is no “war footing.”
I hear him; see above on un-self-conscious traditionalism. But I also want a moral theology that makes sense. Worth more than bragging about fasting.

A little like Arturo I’d rather the ethnically oriented older parishes that see themselves as little more than the tribe at prayer than convert jerkodoxy.
The Catholic church needs to be more orthodox, and the Orthodox church needs to be more catholic.

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