Sunday, March 20, 2011

So Obama attacked Libya, and on the eighth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war
‘Acting in the interest of the United States.’ Sure. Glad I stayed home in November 2008.

The LRC blog:
  • Let’s see, there’s the Obama-continuing-from-Bush war in Iraq; the Obama-expansion-of-Bush war in Afghanistan; Obama’s own contribution to the military-industrial complex by drone bombing civilians “terrorists” in Pakistan and Yemen; and now Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama attacks yet another country that hasn’t attacked us – in the name, of course, of “helping” another country’s civilians. (It’s interesting how the U.S. never calls for a “no-fly zone” when the Israeli government’s jets bomb Palestinian civilians – perhaps because they are U.S.-bought jets that the Israeli government uses to bomb Palestinian civilians.)
  • A principled liberal (unfortunately, there are so few now that one of theirs is in office) calls for the impeachment of the current “liberal” murderer in the White House. Where’s the outrage from the rest of the left who were courageously marching in anti-war demonstrations when the former murderer in the White House (Bush) was residing there and ordering the murder of innocent foreign civilians?
  • When the US invades a foreign country, and kills perhaps a million Arab civilians (after killing more than 500,000 with its sanctions before the invasion), that is collateral damage, and only a terrorist would bring it up. It is especially not to be compared to an Arab dictator killing thousands.
  • According to media reports, today the US fired some 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya, a country that has neither attacked nor threatened the US. That is fifty million dollars. Fifty million of our dollars.

    Not only has the president not asked Congress for a declaration of war, as federal law, in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution demands, he has not even lowered himself to ask for the mere Congressional “authorization” that his criminal predecessor sought before his attack on Iraq, which also did not attack nor threaten the US. One does not need to suffer from an excess of anti-interventionist zeal to recognize that this is a blatantly criminal act that, if we are anything more than a banana republic, should be punished according to the methods outlined in the Constitution to deal with rogue and criminal presidents. If we have any rule of law left in this country, this should be over.

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