Saturday, April 09, 2011

Arturo on politics
  • No one would ever work at Burger King or in construction for free, even for a day. That is just a case of “blue collar” people being way smarter than their white-collar counterparts. And his definitions of today’s economic rhetoric. He doesn’t like us: tragic clown of the bourgeoisie.
  • Being a smartass on abortion ending with this successfully shocking sentence, later retracted: Wherein I have concluded that most “pro-life” rhetoric is dead-baby snuff porn in search of votes. We come at it in different ways but agree: don’t get played by pols who don’t mean what they say.
  • The most anxiety-producing jobs. Good point: although my job’s tempo is more stressful than a year ago or 16 for that matter (once relatively sleepy hometown print weekly tries to reinvent itself as a Web daily) it balances out because I can now do much of it at home or on the road thanks to wireless Internet and especially the back end of the website no longer being under only one or two people’s control; I can do what I wanted in the beginning, getting in and doing my thing there, technically much like this blog. Control. (Proofed stories from home yesterday, then was out from 6 ’til 10 last night recording videos and taking notes, then was at home up ’til 3 writing and uploading the stories and mixing and uploading the videos. The only reason I need to be in the office, which I was 9-14 hours each day this past Monday through Thursday, is to make pages for the three newspapers we still print.)

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