Monday, April 25, 2011

From John Hunwicke
  • Easter. The most stupendous event in the history of the cosmos – the most terrible wonder in the elapse of time between the initial and final big bangs – is never actually described.
  • I care less than a fig for Democracy. I consider it unspeakably more important for a country to be governed in accordance with the Law of God than to have any particular political structure. If you recommend to me Hitler’s policies as having been approved democratically by the people of Germany, or assert that Abortion Law represents the broad and settled consensus of British Society, my instinct is to reply “So what? How horrible!”

    Because I am a devolutionary sort of person. I would rather see a Europe which was a mosaic of of statelets ... Scotland and Catalonia and Brittany and The Two Sicilies and Bavaria and the Papal States and Navarre and Provence and the County Palatine of the Rhine and the Dukedom of Burgundy ... you get the idea ... and say good bye to to the imperialist nation states of the modern era*.

    *A character in Waugh’s
    Scott-King’s Modern Europe says:
    I am a Croat, born under the Hapsburg Empire. That was a true League of Nations. As a young man I studied in Zagreb, Budapest, Prague, Vienna – one was free, one moved where one would; one was a citizen of Europe. Then we were liberated and put under the Serbs. Now we are liberated again and put under the Russians. And always more police, more prisons, more hanging ...

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