Friday, April 22, 2011

From LRC
  • George Carlin and Jim Carrey on Earth Day and environmentalism. Good old unpretentious conservation’s good but... The left may have been among Carlin’s fans but they didn’t own him. Also, from Michael D at the MCJ:
    I live in Vancouver, where all of our electricity comes from hydro power. On Earth Day, a number of earnest Vancouverites turn off their lights (saving no greenhouse gases) and, ironically, light candles (made of paraffin – derived from petroleum). Have mercy upon them, O Lord, in this their annual ritual of penance.
  • Don’t raise the debt ceiling. Duh.
  • The chickenhawk-in-chief is now using predator drones in Libya to blow up people the US hates – and plenty of civilians – as in Pakistan and so many other places.
  • Fox News guests: Brits ‘more mature’ than Americans because they give up civil liberties for ‘security’ more easily. I’m not following the royal wedding.
  • I saw a sign at the Post Office yesterday that said: “USPS receives no federal tax dollars for its operations.” Then I remembered that Doug French recently posted something about the Post Office on the Mises blog: top 10 dying industries. According to USPS spokeswoman Sue Brennen, only 19 percent of post offices cover their costs. The Post Office lost $8.5 billion for fiscal year 2010. So I guess the question is: How does the Post Office pay its employees and vendors if it lost billions but received no federal tax dollars?
  • Sociologist Sam Richards on US occupation from the perspective of the occupied Arab Muslim.
  • Ron Paul on the outrage of imperialism and war.

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