Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From LRC
  • It wasn’t about slavery. The South had the right to secede, Lee, no racist, was a hero, Lincoln a dictator and Sherman’s march to the sea a crime.
  • Writes Kathleen Johnson:
    Every day I print out articles for my mom (89 years young). Recently she read Eric’s book War at the Top of the World and since then has become his number-one fan. I am under strict orders not to overlook any of his articles. This morning I gave her the one Eric wrote about Japan. This afternoon when I stopped in she mentioned that she had read the article. However, before she could continue the conversation she started to cry. She said she was so ashamed about what had been done to the Japanese people during WWII, and felt like such a fool for believing what the government had told everyone regarding the war in the Pacific. I told her that at that time the only information available was from the mainstream media. I told her that things were better now, that with the internet it is more difficult to keep people from knowing the truth. Now that people have all this information the kind of horrors that happened in Japan could be avoided in the future. This made her feel a lot better. I just pray that there is some truth in what I told her.

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