Friday, April 29, 2011

The royal wedding

Not been following it but happened to tune in. A few thoughts.
  • Nice to see the palæocons proved right that we are tribal/ethnic and natural monarchists as Jeff Culbreath for example has said, so it’s endearing when the left defend ‘their’ figures/leaders. Instinct.
  • On that note, nice to see Americans’ love of the mother country after all these years.
  • Hooray! Sir Hubert Parry’s ‘I Was Glad’ (Psalm 121/122). Last heard that at the Catholic cathedral here before Fr Magiera’s first High Mass. And ‘Jerusalem’.
  • 19th-20th-century Anglican trappings (first thought: nice gold copes) in a mediæval church (stolen Benedictine abbey of course) I’ve been to a few times: patrimonial options for the new ordinariates if they have any Gothic churches. But Roman Rite. But hooray of course for the sonority of the old BCP.
  • Much of the ceremonial we associate with British coronations and royal weddings only dates from around the 1920s.
  • Pedantry: it’s ‘with my body I thee worship’ because worship doesn’t always mean λατρεία.
  • On that note, Roissy on another change to the service. Not for the easily offended.
  • Of course the royals don’t cross themselves. Still the land of no-popery.
  • Everybody loves the Archbishop of Canterbury’s voice. Residual Catholicism at work here. People really don’t want to hear a woman’s voice officiating at these things.
  • Never saw the flag so much in London; Brits aren’t flag-mad. Wonder if it’s an Americanism.
  • Attractive people, both; natural celebrities. I wish them well.

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