Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching up with Solomon Hezekiah
  • Challenging assumptions on a culture-wars issue: prayer in schools. Unbelievers have rights too and he makes a point about religious liberty (not necessarily indifferentism), in which the state schools don’t teach Protestantism: In the UK, God is mentioned everywhere in school and He gets his own lessons, yet almost no one acknowledges Him. In the US, He is not officially mentioned and churches (other than liberal Protestant denominations) continue to grow. He is more openly acknowledged in the media and in politics than in 1962. Like vintage Goldwater, politically I’m secular. There are more open visible followers of Jesus amongst young people in America than ever before. In trying to make a connection between the virtually symbolic act of removing prayer from schools and the abundance of sin, there has been ignorance of the fact that grace has much more abounded.
  • The American Civil War. Thousands upon thousands of young men were marched to their deaths to restore the national authority – to enforce at the point of a bayonet that Washington DC, not Montgomery or Jackson or Little Rock or Nashville or Austin or Richmond, was the source of civil authority.
  • The deuterocanonicals. What Protestants call the Apocrypha.
  • The case for Muslims policing themselves with sharia.

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