Thursday, May 19, 2011

From Joshua
  • True authority such as our holy mother the church’s.
  • A cautionary tale about avoiding church politics and gossip. In the best sense I don’t care about the personalities here (I don’t hate them for example). I don’t know much about the OCA fight; it doesn’t matter. About the only reason to blog about clergy like that is if somebody high up doesn’t teach what the church does (infallible church, sinful people; fallen human nature), not whether he lives up to it (that’s for the confessional)... unless it’s a crime (actually harming someone) like the underage gay sex scandal and coverup in the RC Church that rightly got one of these people so angry. The American Orthodox denominations are what they are (Orthodoxy like Rome is not a denomination – it has a one-true-church claim – but its jurisdictions are): tiny, often cheerfully corrupt and naturally little to do with each other because of ethnic/cultural differences (different languages and different music), but ex opere operato, Donatism’s wrong, life goes on and pass the lamb/stuffed cabbage.
  • Russian liturgical music: the Our Father. Эта мелодия могу петь спя. I can sing this tune in my sleep.
  • Libertarians vs conservatives. Guess I’m a centrist-right libertarian.

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