Monday, May 02, 2011

From LRC
  • On finally getting bin Laden: Lew Rockwell and David Kramer (‘Emmanuel Goldstein bin Laden’). From Darien Sumner: In re: Osama bin Laden’s death, here are the first three things that went through my mind: 1) Congratulations to the United States government on spending only ten years and a few trillion dollars to kill one old man. 2) This means we get all of our liberties back now, right? And our money? And the thousands of lives lost? 3) Ah, now the Libyan war is beginning to make a lot more sense from a political standpoint. The government needed a new bogeyman to chase.
  • Nullification 150 years ago: Replied Missouri governor Claiborne Fox Jackson when Lincoln asked for troops to invade neighboring states and war against fellow Americans: “Your requisition is illegal, unconstitutional, revolutionary, inhuman, diabolical and cannot be complied with.”
  • Another one on the college scam.
  • Americans aren’t libertarians so electoral politics won’t work, and as part of that, the Tea Party isn’t libertarian (well-meaning heartland populists, they love Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin), history isn’t encouraging and the courts won’t save us, so is there hope for liberty in our lifetime?

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