Thursday, May 26, 2011

From RR
  • Editor Tom Knapp lives in tornado country: The danger seems to have passed, but frankly I’m tired and my nerves are completely frazzled. I counted eight trips to the basement today due to alleged tornado activity. Between two of those trips, I actually watched a spiraling cloud wall start to drop a funnel nearby (and headed back to the basement again, even though it broke up almost instantly). Nobody hurt here, not even any noticeable damage, but quite a day – earlier this week, some kind of freak windstorm tore a tree the size of a commercial jetliner right out of the ground about 100 yards from where I’m sitting, and last month a tornado tore the roof off the airport terminal three miles from my house, so I’ve just been on edge weatherwise anyway – and I’m just plain worn out.
  • With only one or two exceptions, I’ve yet to meet a politician, bureaucrat, or cop who doesn’t hate, loathe, despise, and fear the Internet.
  • Progressives and other naifs once dreamed of the ‘full-service’ state: Cradle-to-grave health benefits, guaranteed job security and a complimentary mint on your pillow from Uncle Sugar. What we got instead, and what we’re always going to get, is the ‘self-service’ state: You help yourself if you can, while the state helps itself to anything and everything it wants. The purpose of the state is to serve the state. Or both the left and the right think they’re better than you.
  • Obama and Netanyahu. More here and here from Steve Sailer. Old joke: Q: Why doesn’t Israel apply to become the 51st state? A: Because then they’d have only two senators.
  • Ron Paul makes sense because liberty makes sense.

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