Friday, May 27, 2011

From RR
  • Four (and more?) years of the Patriot Act. Yuck. Peeing on the Constitution as the editor says.
  • Gary Johnson vs Ron Paul. Pro-Johnson. Reply.
  • 71 bullets: the death of José Guereña. Surviving two tours of duty in Iraq, only to lose his life in an encounter with Clarence Dupnik’s keystone cops.
  • There is only one solution to the dilemma faced by the federal government over its inability to borrow more money. Shut it down!
  • Tiger Moms vs Fun Slobs. In their reluctance to side with either Chua or Caplan, it seems to me that parents have got it right. Because in the obsession with the relationship between parenting practices and children’s achievements, the very idea of the parent undergoes a terrible metamorphosis. The parent is no longer an adult, whose relationship to his or her child is governed by a complex combination of experience, personality, personal morality, responsibility, emotions, needs, desires, practical pressures and other such amorphous qualities that make up the stuff of life. For both Chua and Caplan, the parent is a mere cipher – either of genes (Caplan) or cognitive stimuli (Chua) – which rankles with those of us who consider ourselves to be more than that.
  • Dollar-store nation.
  • Karen Kwiatkowski for Congress.

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