Monday, May 02, 2011

From RR
  • Indiana will become the first state to block funding for Planned Parenthood following an announcement made late Friday by Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) that he will sign a bill to deny the group about $2 million in federal dollars.
  • A constitution, not mob rule.
  • How they will get your guns and everything else they want.
  • Taking gun rights away is dangerous to women.
  • An anniversary of religious liberty. It’s not necessarily indifferentism.
  • A man of the left on Ron Paul: In 2012, Paul runs as an increasingly iconic Republican with a good many more allies inside the party and a claim to fame that most of his fellow contenders for the GOP nod lack: a job as a congressman that places him in the thick of national debates. Perhaps most significantly, he uses his position in the Congress to embrace positions that, while at odds with Republican leaders, raise the concerns of millions of Americans from across the ideological spectrum. That does not mean that he is going to secure the Republican nomination. The Grand Old Party does not have a history of nominating candidates who take stands that aren’t preapproved by the Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs who pay the party’s tab – and kindly pick up some of the bills for the Democrats, as well. With that said, however, there are plenty of reasons why progressives might welcome Paul to the 2012 race.
  • Left and right as kites and string. Without the string the kite is just sticks and paper tossed by the wind until it crashes somewhere and is forgotten. Without the kite the string just lies in the dirt with no purpose, no mission, no vision to show the world. Broadly speaking, the cultural and political left tend to be kites. Broadly speaking, the cultural and political right tend to be strings.
  • On Gitmo torture. In which the government acts like a sociopath.
  • Libya: killing civilians in order to save them.

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