Sunday, May 22, 2011

  • On Universæ Ecclesiæ: what about other older missals? Religious may use the liturgical books proper to their Order – a most welcome affirmation and clarification. But of course, while one can and should rejoice at this, one cannot help but think of the diocesan liturgical books, such as those of Lyons, Braga, Toledo and Milan. I would suggest that the principles found within Pope Benedict’s motu proprio and corresponding letter, being general Catholic principles, must be understood as having weight not only with regard to the Roman liturgical books and the liturgical books of the religious orders, but also in relation to the liturgical books of the primatial sees. And ‘It’s Not About Latin™’ but, although I wouldn’t have made that call, there are good things about Rome retaining the old rule for the old offices (priests have to read them in Latin to cover their obligation to read the office). At home I read the Marian anthem etc. at the end in Latin (the rest is Winfred Douglas’ Monastic Diurnal) and have taken to ending the Rosary with that instead of Salve, Regina all the time.
  • The royal wedding and how to take marriage seriously. Despite its problems, the old Prayer Book shares a 16th-century Godward worldview with the Catholic Church that includes but transcends/supersedes normal romantic feelings.
  • The rapture is heresy. Obviously Harold Camping was wrong again. Matthew 24:36 and as a picture Cracked linked to said, ‘Remember how stupid you felt after stocking up for Y2K?’
  • Photo: Church of Our Saviour, NYC; link sent to me by Fr George Rutler; thank you, Father!
  • Video from Damian Thompson: cardinal celebrates Tridentine Mass in St Peter’s Basilica. The Catholic Church that people yelled to me 25 years ago ‘no longer exists’.
  • That said, as Owen White and other observers of the scene have noted, most Catholics care less about the rite and more about getting it done quickly. If Pope Benedict’s renewal succeeds, some would leave, some would love it and most would keep going to the 9 o’clock Mass regardless, out of habit and to try to save their souls or, like the non-churchgoers I know (they don’t go but it’s understood there’s only one church and they can’t and don’t want to change it), use the church only for rites of passage (the tribe at prayer), sort of the 1-800 Safe Auto of spiritual fire insurance.

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