Saturday, May 21, 2011

Will you choose peace or violence?
The epistle of Jeffrey Tucker to anti-capitalist Catholics:
There is no third system.

You can invent all the terms you want – solidarism, distributism, fascism, democratic socialism, localism, or any other -ism – but it is logically impossible to get around the central issue of consent vs. coercion, of market vs. the state. You are either forced by law to do something – and the law always means force – or you are not. This is also true of the management of individual sectors of society, such as business relationships, education, international relations, consumer protection, care of the vulnerable members of society, health care generally, and all the rest.

Either voluntarism or force will prevail.
Pretty good but I think I can see the objection from conservatives and the religious, left or right: ‘What about fallen human nature? Don’t you need the state to keep it in line?’

Sure, there’s objective right and wrong, but when the religious right (overrated; largely a bogeyman of the left) or the religious left, such as it is (a few boomers who still go to church), want power either directly or through the state they’re saying ‘we think we’re better than you’.

Anyway, once you get the state into it, the state, not the church, calls the shots (it can order your adoption agency to say that two men can marry each other for example) so do you really want tax money/subsidies, even as vouchers, for the remaining parochial schools and diocesan high schools? (Also, the old Protestant enemy, left or right, has a point: you through the state shouldn’t force him to pay to teach your religion.)

From LRC.

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