Thursday, June 23, 2011

From Ad Orientem
  • Feds look for new ways to lie to us.
  • McCain’s never-ending war.
  • GOP divided on war cuts. On NBC’s TODAY, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, the latest Republican to join the presidential race, said, “What we need now is a healthy dose of nation-building here at home.” Uh oh. Sounds like the left. From well-meaning pols, good Lord, deliver us.
  • CBO warns US is facing debt crisis.
  • The Empire is broke and its military is overextended. Contrary to popular opinion the United States is not immune to the basic laws of both economics and geo-politics. We are not God’s chosen nation. We are, like most great empires, an accident of history. And just like those that went before us we are bleeping it up. If we are lucky our demotion to the status of a 2nd-rate power will not be too painful. But I would not lay odds on that.
  • Thoroughly covered in other blogs: how the very rich are pulling away from the rest of America. Likely orthodox libertarian answer: they’re in bed with the feds so it’s not really the market/capitalism.
  • Yesterday: In 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the USSR inaugurating one of the bloodiest wars in history. Most historians agree that this was a fatal error on the part of Adolf Hitler which resulted in Germany losing the Second World War.

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