Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From FB
  • ‘My God, how the money rolls in’, rainbow edition. Same-sex couples aren’t the only ones rejoicing over New York’s legalization of gay marriage – divorce lawyers are also breaking out the champagne. An unintended consequence of trying to use the state to force the rest of us to agree with you. Then again if my idea of kicking marriage down to boring old contract law were enacted (respecting my rights and yours – the state doesn’t define our relationships; we and our religions do), such breaches would end up in court anyway.
  • So they cancelled ‘Law & Order: LA’. Never got into it for some reason. First ‘L&O’ since ‘Trial by Jury’ (probably because Jerry Orbach died, RIP) to bomb? All I remember is Alfred Molina’s character (like ‘House’ another English actor who does a good job with the American accent) switching from being a government lawyer to a cop IIRC. As long as ‘SVU’ and Bobby Goren are still on, things are pretty good. ‘SVU’ has its problems though: watch cops push suspects around violating their rights for 15-20 minutes until the culprit shows up. And how many of the confessions Goren tricks out of people would hold up in a fair court?
  • Apparently there is a ‘super-rare 1949 Decree of the Holy Office allowing the translation of the Missale Romanum into literary Chinese’.

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