Saturday, June 18, 2011

From LRC
  • The gold standard.
  • Is there any gold in Fort Knox?
  • The Bilderberg Group.
  • If this be isolationism then sign me up.
  • Being against the Christian right is not enough. I don’t hate the Christian right; disagree not demonise. On the other side, lots of well-meaning Christians, Catholic and non, are social democrats (the immigrant/trade-union experience; ‘Catholic social teaching’, which rightly understood does not spell out how to reach its goals so no, the Pope and Vatican II are not ordering you to be a social democrat). Libertarianism is not in itself selfishness nor narcissism (‘we’re all John Galts being oppressed’ etc.: politics for teenage boys or Ayn Rand’s ‘bible for right-wing losers’); how could defending your liberty be so? That defence – the no-harm principle or the golden rule rephrased – is one of the duties that goes along with rights, partly answering Mark in Spokane’s objection to libertarianism. Catholicism of course is based on authority (the person of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the infallible church), not necessarily power, so with Mark and other Burkeans/Kirkians I try not to forget responsibility as well as rights. So minarchists/right-libertarians (which I think I am) don’t say no to authority but ‘on whose authority’? Not an almighty state that makes its own rules on morals. The left want to use the state to order you around. Vance and others say to the Christian right: once you give power to the state to try to do your will, guess what? It’s calling your shots too and how then will you stop it? Anyway, again I think the Christian right’s power is just a bogeyman of the left: overrated. An excuse for the snobs on the coasts to sic the cops on the proles in flyover country to keep them in line.
  • ‘Stay and fight’: how realistic? This is the nature of the system. Police are armed to the teeth... and while their official marketing slogan may be to ‘keep people safe’, their real function is to be the protectors and enforcers for the political class, all while keeping the people in check so that they know who’s boss. At its simplest, the conflict comes down between those who believe that government is the problem, and those who believe that government is the solution. Most people are brainwashed statists who unquestioningly hold the latter as their ethos. And then there is the big faceless void of government itself... politicians, bureaucrats, low-level workers, regulatory agencies, etc. We’re not talking about a single individual here, but an entire institution. It begs the question – for all the ‘stay and fight’ people, who exactly are you fighting? And more importantly, how?
  • Privatize marriage now.
  • The extermination of retirement.

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