Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Steve Sailer
  • Reckless endangerment. The Fannie Mae scandal is the most important political scandal since Watergate. It helped sink the American economy. It has cost taxpayers about $153 billion, so far. It indicts patterns of behavior that are considered normal and respectable in Washington. The Fannie Mae scandal has gotten relatively little media attention because many of the participants are still powerful, admired and well-connected. If the NYT locks you out try bugmenot.
  • Sailer’s take: that most sacred of contemporary rationalizations for the pursuit of power and money: diversity. A racket based on twisting the noble cause of defending/restoring minorities’ individual liberty.
  • On the stupid Vancouver riot. The point of a riot is to enjoy the license allowed by the anonymity of the crowd, but that conflicts with the modern young person’s urge to photographically document every single moment of socializing and put it on his or her Permanent Record. The blond kid who was photographed stuffing a rag into the gas tank of a police cruiser ... has supposedly been identified: a high-school athlete who is on Canada’s national Under 18 water-polo team, son of a doctor. Cops tend to be persnickety about you trying to blow up their cars, so this doesn’t bode well for his previously promising career. Many kinds of crime are increasingly out-of-date. Hopefully, more and more would-be criminals will figure this out, too.

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