Saturday, June 11, 2011

From @TAC
  • A report released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy calling for the legalization or decriminalization of many drugs is generating quite a buzz. In The Republic, Plato famously advanced the idea of “the noble lie,” a myth that political leaders consciously propagate to keep social order. That’s a disturbing thought, but the noble lie seems to be mercifully rare. Unfortunately, the ignoble lie – a myth propagated by a politician for no greater good save his constant re-election – is common as the cold. The idea of a drug-free America is the king of ignoble lies. Every politician knows it’s a fantasy, but if one of them dares to even acknowledge this fact, his opposition will turn him into Tony Montana.
  • Age of the hustlers. Most of us know (or are) people who purchased homes during the real-estate boom and then had to watch their mortgages go underwater. These middle-class homeowners, hoodwinked by Federal Reserve manipulation into making these investments, are then forced to choose between a ruined credit rating and continuing to pay off an inflated mortgage. Robert Wenzel contrasts their plight with those who have the means and savvy to game the system.
  • A power struggle not an Arab spring. Stopped clock and all that: the Commies were partly right about Anglo-American meddling in the Middle East (the British invented countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait and, arguably, Israel, Churchill after WWI literally drawing lines on a map), like when Ike overthrew Iran’s government and installed the Shah. It’s about time we butted out.
  • Seriously? The Department of Education has a police force? And it executes paramilitary raids? Words fail.
  • Last and definitely least, Sarah Palin. A mediocrity token promoted far beyond merit because she is attractive.

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