Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Jack Hunter on Weinergate
By all accounts Barack Obama is a morally upstanding and decent family man. For conservatives, does this make Obama a preferable leader? Likewise, would liberals really prefer a morally wholesome conservative to a big-government sleazebag like Weiner?

When I think of the chronic immorality of Washington leaders my first thoughts are not of Tweeted private parts and Argentinian mistresses. I think of a government that believes in taking the fruit of a man’s labor and redistributing it as it sees fit. I think of a government that sends America’s sons and daughters off into mindless wars for no clear or defined reasons. I think of a government that runs roughshod over the Constitution as both habit and sport. And I think of the immorality of burdening the next generation, their children and grandchildren with unfathomable debt – which continues to devalue our currency and damage our country.

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