Friday, June 17, 2011

Obama: at least four wars
I told you he’s a humbug: won the presidency and the Nobel Peace Prize for looking black. And white guilt’ll re-elect him. But of course he’s not the real problem.
I think it is clear that if we continue to elect the stooges the two rotten political parties offer us we will forever be fighting useless and immoral wars for the sake of the Military Industrial Complex or the geo-political pipe dreams of the neocons and other modern-day Jacobins. As Ron Paul has said, this will all come to a halt when we bankrupt ourselves and the entire system collapses.

And yet there is no outrage from either the left or the right. Democrats are pushing for more and more government encroachment into private lives and Republicans are concerned solely with cutting the domestic budget. Both are cheering wildly and ecstatically for Netanyahu’s excesses and vowing even more financial support to secure Israel’s borders.
From Mark Shea.

P.S. I’m an open-borders libertarian.

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