Sunday, June 12, 2011

  • Veni, Creator Spiritus.
  • Fr Stephen Freeman: Either God lies at the very heart of the human experience (however we may have perverted it) or He rightly belongs to a place of secondary interest.
  • The Archdiocese of Washington paper’s article on St Luke’s, Bladensburg. A partially African and Caribbean black congregation, at first it will be AU. Video from GetReligion. While it might be nice if the American ordinariate were an archdiocese, News 4, let’s not jump the gun.
  • A short note explaining the ordinariates to the traditionalists at FishEaters. Nothing to do with Cranmer, et al.’s ideas; the Brits do Novus Ordo; the Americans like old-fashioned with lots of BCP in it. P.S. At the end of the offices I do the Marian anthem in Latin.
  • My opinion: ordain John Hunwicke. Formidable learning, waspish wit (as a friend once said, unlike affected class, real class never lies to you so no politically correct pomposity) and, as regular readers of his blog know, 100% Catholic.
  • Some perspective on Weinergate from Fr Hollywood, an LCMS pastor: To much of the cultural elite, Christians in “flyover country” between the east and west coasts are considered “culturally backward” for disapproving of a married man taking pictures of his genitals and sending them to women. Actually, it’s the opposite. People who do not approve of such things are normal – even if the majority – or at least only the upper crust of the opinion-makers – beg to differ. But by the same token, I think the antics of Ben Bernanke are far worse and ultimately will destroy more lives. But then again, if his name had been more ironic, like Ben Counterfeiter, it might attract more media attention.
  • Detail from altar card. From NLM.

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