Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two, shooting from the hip
  • New York state wants to force you to pretend the same sex can marry each other. Most of you know I’m a libertarian so no Manhattan Declaration or Defense of Marriage Act to pick on homosexuals (who are only something like 3% of the population). But what about social conservatives’ rights? The answer to both the left and the so-cons is to get the state out of it. The state doesn’t have the power to define reality and gays et al. can live in peace. (No thought crime/‘hate crime’ – emotions are none of the state’s business – but enforcing existing do-no-harm laws against assault etc.) Kick marriage down to boring old contract law and make defining such relationships a matter for the couples and whatever religions they belong to. (I think Methodism’s wrong too but am not trying to ban it.)
  • The left predictably make fun of Michele Bachmann. My take: another Sarah Palin. Meh to both and to the smartasses at Rolling Stone.

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