Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anglo-Catholic archive photos

Finding Anglo-Catholicism in my teens was a step along the way. I remember walking into a Mass at a full-fledged AC parish church for the first time, a little wooden church on the outside and 19th-century Roman Catholicism on steroids inside. I thought I’d come home.

Based on the consensus of the early church fathers so doctrinally you get, more or less, Catholicism, and, having begun in the aftermath of the ‘Enlightenment’ and Industrial Revolution, nostalgic for the Middle Ages, it was a conservative movement.

1800s Catholicism done in style and with some good English prose: this is what I think Pope Benedict wants the ordinariates to be. The 1,000 or so British now in them have long done the standard Novus Ordo but at least some with this style and Pope Benedict’s NLM retro one.

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