Sunday, July 24, 2011

Got a 140 last week (highest score so far: 156; I’m not a natural) and a young top player gave me a free lesson. I like my lanes. Built in 1950 so it’s like stepping back in time, from the curved wooden benches to the streamlined metal ceiling fans to the old owners’ name on the back wall (I’d have more pictures but am too busy there, of course, actually bowling), and the people are friendly. Lots of old West Philly folks play there. (Wii highest score so far: 232. I treat it as much like real bowling as possible – stand back! – for practice.)

Hooking the ball to get the spare.

I know it’s uncool to give yourself the thumbs-up but hey, it worked.

Homemade short lane: six-pin version.

Looks like scrapped old boards from a real lane.

Full 10-pin version.

It’s loud so it’s impractical but I want one anyway. I like the adrenaline-boosting rock too but my soundtrack, as you imagine, and if you could hear over the noise of the business at hand, would be about 50-70 years in the past.

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