Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chuck Baldwin: ‘you can’t continue with the status quo’
Quoting Ron Paul. A good appeal to religious so-cons. Baldwin also signs onto the peace message.
He is the only candidate for President from either major political party that would fight the status quo if elected in 2012. Mark it down: it won’t matter a tinker’s damn one way or the other if any other Presidential candidate is elected next year!
It’s him, a real Libertarian Party stalwart (not another fakertarian ringer like Barr) or staying home again for me.
The philosophy of gradualism only serves the purposes of those who are taking the country deeper and deeper into socialism, corporatism, and fascism.

Hardly anyone is arguing the principles of liberty! It would appear that the vast majority of political candidates at every level – or the “conservative” organizations that support them – do not even understand the principles of liberty. Hence, the NRA endorses government licensing the “right” to bear arms. Churches endorse government licensing of the “right” to marry. I even heard one well-known pro-life, Christian activist say that she didn’t care about whether a certain pro-life initiative was constitutional or not. The same could be said for many activists from just about every “conservative” group.

Why cannot conservatives see the big picture? Why cannot they understand that either we have liberty for all, or we have liberty for none? Why do we conservatives look to Washington, D.C., to solve our problems and then turn around and complain about liberals trying to inject Washington, D.C., into our lives?

When Ron Paul retires from Congress, who will be the voice for constitutionalism, federalism, and independence?

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