Friday, July 22, 2011

  • Fr Len Black ordained a Catholic priest. Ad multos annos. It seems that Mgr Newton’s ordinariate isn’t just English and Welsh but British. I was wondering about that.
  • Cloyne, based on what little I know. Nothing to do with Catholic doctrine but again not living up to it, something even Vatican officials, because they’re fallen human beings, aren’t immune to. Predictably the secularists and their mainline pets are crowing: since it’s not about church teaching, why? (And isn’t one of the mainline’s head ministers involved in a coverup or at least lax security too? ‘Gay church’ branding + policy of trying to spite Rome = this and worse was bound to happen to them sooner or later. Funny how a few bad priests get reported to death while naughty ministers get a free pass.) Politically I’m secular not secularist. It seems the clergy in these cases such as the retired Bishop of Cloyne deserve everything the government can throw at them, including jail, except violating the seal of confession (the American notion of religious liberty – I like Dev’s and Fine Gael’s historic good intentions but as a libertarian I believe the church flourishes most in freedom). The Irish won’t turn mainline Protestant; Bad Catholics know better. They may even hate the church but there’s only one church and they know they can’t change its teachings. (Throwing out corrupt bishops is another matter.) Also, I understand Irish religion’s always been cyclical: indifferent in 1800, pious in 1900 thanks to emancipation and a huge church revival, indifferent again in 2011. So my guess is the Irish will be stone-cold secularist like most of the rest of Europe now, but still Catholic in name like many Italians, for about the next 100 years. (If a lot of them end up in hell it’s another thing the corrupt clergy have to answer to God for, and he’ll make today’s Irish government look like pushovers.) BTW Dr Tighe taught me that the reason ‘Irish’ = ‘Catholic’ to the English-speaking world is... the English living in the Pale they ruled around Dublin put up a fight against the ‘Reformation’.
  • I don’t get the hype about Archbishop Chaput. He seems just another JPII conservative Novus Ordo bishop, saying the right thing about the babies and sound on doctrine but toeing the party line of loving Vatican II. And ‘centrist, social-justice’... well-meaning but muddled like lots of Christians politically and economically? So you trust the same government that wants to force you to pretend two men can marry to do the best job of helping the poor? Okaaaaay. Sort of a moral-majoritarian culture-warrior, like transplanted evangelicals, and orthodox but low-church. Better IMO to be unfussily high-church and orthodox on faith’n’morals but libertarian with others’ errors as long as your rights are safe too... like many 1962 American Roman Rite laity or ethnic Orthodox or Greek Catholics (‘“Clean up America”? Yeah, whatever. Pass me the lamb, please!’); culture wars remind me of Hilary’s latest against online God-talk, or showing off. I certainly want to be faithful to the Holy Father and his teaching about the traditional expression of the Roman liturgy in the Tridentine form. I supported that and will continue to support that. It isn’t, however, my personal interest or direction. IOW business as usual. Other pro-Pope Benedict bloggers seem happy about him so maybe he’s more than that. More of the good (Our Lady of Lourdes’ eastward Novus Sung Mass, Tridentine at St Paul’s in the Italian Market) that happened under Cardinal Rigali minus the coverups of the clerical underage gay sex scandal? Chaput like Benedict seems to have a good track record on that. To be fair, IIRC most of that happened 30 years ago and most of what made the news recently are only accusations; innocent until proven guilty even if Protestant America already hates you. It’s easy to break the Eighth Commandment by sliming a priest, and Maciel and the other such cases don’t take away a priest’s protection under the rule of law. (Rather like the Casey Anthony case I didn’t follow; you may rightly hate her but I’m glad those legal rights and safeguards are there.) Ireland and Vatican officials seem to have had the opposite problem, flouting the rule of law. BTW it’s pronounced ‘shapyoo’; didn’t know that until I read it in an AP story.

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