Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The debt-ceiling-talks theatre

Watched this last night. Nice speech from Obama (I’ve heard him in person), especially the first part reminding the listener how George W. Bush and the GOP squandered Clinton’s surplus (second-term Clinton, boxed in by a hostile Congress, was a relatively good president, better than Reagan; yea, gridlock or there’s no government like... no government) on two wars (like the ones you’re conducting in Afghanistan, Libya and sort of still in Iraq?) and a prescription-drug plan (like ObamaCare?). But of course his sales pitch is to scare you into supporting his raising the debt ceiling, in which case it’s no ceiling at all, and keep feeding Leviathan by raising taxes. I’m not clear if the Republicans want to raise the ceiling too but keep their promise to the voters not to raise taxes, or not compromise on either; Boehner doesn’t sound half-bad but I don’t trust them. Cut the spending, for real, and slash and burn most of the government so you don’t raise taxes. Use the peace dividend from bringing the soldiers home to ease people off welfare (as I think Ron Paul supports), let the market correct itself, freeing up malinvestment, moving money, equipment and people into things productive, and you’re good to go.

But the boring old market doesn’t make boomer and SWPL voters feel good nor give them the power to tell you what to do, so this will never happen.

But I suppose it’s boring if you take what we have of it for granted. My parish church’s oldest members, WWII refugees from a Communist country, don’t.

Link from RR.

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