Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Ordered Liberty
  • The president’s plan is to raise taxes dramatically once he has secured re-election and is no longer accountable to the public. That’s just what he told everybody in that video-clip above. If he wins re-election (which I still think is likely), nobody should be surprised when he does what he just said he was going to do. My guess is white guilt will hand him another term as it did the Nobel. It was never about merit but an affirmative-action president who made voters feel better about themselves. Happy fleecing. Me: token vote for Paul or the Libertarian candidate, or staying home again.
  • Why extreme couponing might not work for you.
  • Liberal constitutional scholar supports constitutionality of debt ceiling.
  • Another anti-Catholic one bites the dust: It turns out that the Vatican doesn’t really have all that much money – its budget is equivalent to that of a mid-size private university.

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