Friday, July 22, 2011

From RR
  • Poll: anger at government highest in 19 years. Good.
  • Anti-censorship in the Internet’s infrastructure.
  • Raimondo on not news really: ex-anti-war activist shills for Obama. Or the dopey rich kids protesting 40 years ago (Trashing an Ivy League library? Really? Oh, please.) really weren’t for peace but, in as far as any of them had principles other than being against the draft stopping their partying, really were Com-symps. (Or when Daddy, the Don Drapers who actually worked for a living, stopping paying their allowances, they wanted you to take his place through taxation etc.) Throw in stupid identity politics/group rights – a man who looks black can do no wrong, certainly in the White House – and there you go.
  • Left-libertarian Wendy McElroy on Murdoch and freedom of the press.

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