Friday, July 15, 2011

From Steve Sailer
  • Rupert Murdoch, News of the World and Sky: it’s not about what you think. The British government trying to keep its control of the media?
  • ‘Diversity’ nonsense and grade inflation. You don’t need ‘diversity’ officers to protect a non-white student who passed the tests and can pay the tuition’s right to go to school.
  • More on Obama’s parents and the deep state. The notion of exporting democracy was the left’s during mid-century (neither classic conservatism nor Old Republic America: 1800s America wisely stayed out of the Greek war for independence for example) and the Cold War liberal government loved it, recruiting American and foreign non-Soviet leftists for that mission.
  • Expressive philanthropy or how white guilt made Morris Dees rich. The Klan hasn’t been a threat to black liberty since the FBI broke it in the ’60s.
  • Polygamy. Some are using gay marriage to claim their liberty. If your religion teaches it and you can afford it without ripping off welfare (many of the Mormon splinter groups do) and you don’t violate the no-harm principle, then just like gay marriage it’s none of my business; go for it. Some of the comments remark on a shift away from caring Christian marriage towards a barbarian patriarchy (as opposed to a Christian one) that on the surface Roissy celebrates (there seems to be a lot of overlap in Sailer’s and his views and maybe readers; while sometimes foul and/or wrong, both write insightful truths about fallen human nature and society that few want to hear). Lesson: without social controls, women will select on social/physical dominance and not much else. It was probably not wise to dump Christianity for a post-Modern West.

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