Monday, July 18, 2011

From Taki
  • Coulombe on California trying to indoctrinate your kids with homosexualism, not the same as defending homosexuals’ liberty: giving quasi-ethnic group status on the basis of behavior has always struck me as madness. No group rights. Individual rights.
  • On Canada allowing Muslim services at a public school on school time. What strikes me is not the anti-Muslim slant (I’ll go as far as saying you don’t want to be dhimmi in a country run by a false religion; politically I’m secular) but the left’s hypocrisy: they wouldn’t stand for conservative Christians doing this but multiculti makes them push something potentially really nasty that would bite them in the ass. No, I’m for equal time for just about all religions. As long as the non-whatevers don’t have to go then fine. Sidebar: the class/culture pushing this are the same people who hated the church and its immigrant members 100 years ago and really still do.
  • A personal political pigeonhole.

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