Friday, July 22, 2011

Gavin McInnes on why he hates the right: WTF?
Awful. Is he serious? (Is he parodying the mainstream left or does he mean this?)
At first I thought that I was on the Huffington Post or Daily Kos. This came off like an immature lefty, ranting his emotional spew.
  • 1. He has a point.
  • 2. Trash but as a libertarian I defend his Scottish Presbyterian-rooted soul’s right to hate the church and say so. He’s not attacking our rights to believe and worship so fair enough. Falling into step with centuries of British and American culture; hardly like the badass attitude he affects. The evangelicalism of much of the American right (at least at the grassroots, Tea Party level; the neocons including the last president look down on all that and are using these people) has no theological foundation so it’s an easier target. I’ll still take St Thomas Aquinas tackling the case for the existence of God and thus the reasonableness of what McInnes is mocking over McInnes’ sophomoric rant.
  • 3. Now he’s moved beyond ridiculing something to promoting actually hurting people. He’s verbally crossed the libertarian no-harm line. Foul!
  • 4. I’ve never thought it was a choice; some people are born vulnerable to certain sins. Maybe there are some Christian rightists who do. Fair enough.
  • 5. Fair and has libertarian cred. I’m not signed onto any crusade to pick on gays; they can define their relationships any way they like. They don’t have the right to use the state to force me to call it the sacrament of marriage.
  • 6. See 3. Scratch this smartass and find a Nazi.
  • 7. As much as I like black doo-wop – one of my pop-music sweet spots is the early to mid-’50s as big-band close harmonies and black r&b call and response, both great in themselves, segued into early rock – he has a point. There’s a place for the serious and angry stuff but who says blacks can’t enjoy sentimental or silly pop too? I’m not obsessed with rap; I hardly think of it. (One look at me and you know it’s not part of my world.) Some of it’s very good; it takes talent. I agree with the lovely upper-class lady I used to work with that it’s not music (no melody); it’s street poetry.
  • 8. and 9. Smartass. Do you have to jump off the George Washington Bridge to know it’s bad for you? That said I’m with the libertarian position on being able to do what you want to yourself as long as you don’t hurt somebody else (and, regarding prostitution, there’s no such thing as consensual crime), no matter how self-destructive it is.
  • 10. LOL. Fair enough.
From Taki.

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