Thursday, July 21, 2011

George Carlin rant
From Pactum Serva. Warning: language. After all it was Carlin.

This can be taken leftwards or libertarianwards but I hear him.

The left: Today’s robber barons – ‘the people who own this country and you’ – are capitalism’s fault.

Libertarians: Those robber barons, using the government to wipe out their competition, are not the real free market. The left doesn’t really stand up for the little guy and certainly not for Middle America; they’re elitists who want to own you too.

The paleo and crunchy right (at least the crunchies about corporations they don’t like): Big business isn’t really conservative; it destroys local traditional values.

Libertarians: True when it uses the government like we said above. Other than that, what’s immoral about a company efficiently serving its customers better than romantic small businesses? They don’t want to own you; they just want to sell things to you. Fine with me. When the distributists make a product I want to buy, we’ll talk.

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