Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Glagolitic Missal
From NLM. A relatively well-known case of the traditional Roman Mass not being in Latin. (In parts of Croatia the diocesan priests were supposed to use it instead of Latin.) Its Slavonic is not that of the Russian Orthodox but South Slavic; the alphabet may be the one SS. Cyril and Methodius came up with, not the Greek-based Russian one named for them that replaced it.

I know Slavonic and Russian, so for the most part I can read the missal in Latin letters, but have trouble following this, which I’m told is the Creed. I wondered at first if this conservative Novus Ordo is really in Croatian. Interesting. Rather like an American Missal Low Mass (some Episcopalians 50 years ago and Continuers today) might strike a traditional Roman Catholic as ‘looks like Mass but sounds Protestant’ with all that speechifying in thou-and-thee English and its Canon read aloud, it authentically looks Western Catholic but sounds and thus feels Orthodox (Balkan music), not a hokey mixing of rites.

As I like to say, sacramentally it’s the same church, certainly the Syrian experience.

The Russian tradition does a similar subtle mixing of Western Catholic elements that seems seamless, not fake or in bad taste.

Happy feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

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