Sunday, July 24, 2011

Or Christian liberals define doctrine too but we can’t change our doctrine once it’s defined. They can change theirs by vote. Anyway:
If you think homosexual activity is a sin, why are you still sharing a tradition with people who think you’re a contemptible bigot for thinking that? And if you fervently believe that homosexuality is morally neutral or indifferent, why do you continue to associate with churches or provinces that teach that homosexual activity is an abomination?
The line in the sand isn’t homosexuality but, again, church infallibility vs a claim to absolute power to change reality. The fight in some churches over gayness is just a symptom of that although the Protestants on both sides might not know it. The answer politically of course is neither SWPL democratic socialism (in which the SWPL ruling class tells us what to do) nor the religious right but libertarianism: Catholics and mainliners for example go to separate churches and govern themselves, and we all get along, maybe even working together to get the country out of the wars abroad and on non-government charitable work like emergency aid to the poor. From the MCJ.

Update: my predictions for part of American religion of interest to me and my readers.

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