Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids turn away from conservative Christianity church altogether
The article’s slant sounds like mainline wishful thinking. It’s a move away from religion generally, including liberal Christianity, like in Europe. It’s not because the mainliners are mistaken for theological conservatives by people increasingly ignorant of religion but because there’s less social pressure to go to church now (the boomers largely still have that habit, with which they were raised; millennials don’t) so SWPLs get their political correctness directly without all the God-talk. Putting it bluntly, Ship of Fools for example is mostly a bunch of old folks like Anglicans and Call to Action Roman Catholics. They think they’re preaching ‘what the kids want’ but it’s not; they’re just projecting. The minority of young-adult churchgoers are mostly conservative, going to the megachurches or, a minority (conservatives) of a minority (Catholics in Protestant America), part of Pope Benedict’s renewal (how many other 80-year-olds have 20-year-old fans? ...Betty White?), learning Latin and chant and writing NLM. From Tripp.

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